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How we work

On receiving an initial enquiry we will arrange a preliminary meeting either in our office or your place of work or in the comfort of your own home. This is to establish whether we are able to assist with your needs and objectives and also to discuss how you can pay for our services should we be instructed to proceed. There is no charge for this preliminary meeting and no obligation on either side.

After the initial free consultation we will agree with you whether you pay us a fee or if we are paid by receiving a fee from the provider of any financial product you buy. We will always tell you about any fee we earn and this would be taken into account in working out our fee for providing the advisory service.

Fees are paid to an Independent Financial Adviser by the product provider, usually an insurance or investment company. This is called an Adviser Charge Fee. This fee may consist of an initial fee as well as an ongoing service fee. These are taken out of your contract as agreed with you at outset.

In addition to this the providers will also deduct their own ongoing management service fees, either monthly, quarterly or annually.

Our fees will usually be based on time spent and the complexity of the work and calculated to recover our costs.

Whether we take our remuneration by way of Adviser Charge method or direct fees will be a matter for discussion and agreement, and no charges or fees will be incurred without prior notification in writing.

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