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There are a wide range of investments available in the marketplace and understanding the implications or them all can be an difficult and lengthy process.

In the ideal world we would all like to maximise the return and to have no risk involved, but that type of investment simply doesn’t exist.
However understanding the different potential risks and rewards offered by the different investment opportunities can help in gaining a fuller picture.
As an example a simple bank deposit account could be viewed as a safe investment but the return often be less than the rate of inflation when tax is taken into account.
At the other end of the investment spectrum investing in options produce some outstanding results but could also lose a sizeable portion of the investment in a short period of time. Its all about balancing risk and reward.

To understand how the concept of risk works you need to consider two main elements;
1. Is the prime consideration of the investment one of obtaining maximum return or of minimising or avoiding loss?
2.What length of time will the investment be made for?

As a result of your answers to the above you may wish to have different strategies for different areas of your financial requirements. Pensions funds are obviously aimed more at the long term and should return the maximum investment whereas savings for a particular purpose, such as a new house or new car, are likely to be for a much shorter time period where maximising return is not as crucial but avoiding any potential loss of the capital is paramount..

Our aim is to take into account your views on the risk and potential reward of the various investment opportunities and to provide you with a series of investments that best meet your current and future needs.
The relationship between risk and reward and the subsequent investment advice offered also takes into account the tax treatments of these investments as this can also play a significant part in achieving the desired results.

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