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Life Insurance

Life insurance is used to provide a lump sum or income for those who depend upon you to help support them.

It may well be that if you do not have anyone who depends upon you financially that life cover is not as important a financial need as it may be for others or is not needed at all. There are however a number of different reasons why you might like to consider life cover

  • Your Mortgage. Do you have a partner or children? Normally it is important to make sure that, should you die, the mortgage is paid off and they have somewhere to live mortgage free. Life cover can
  • Your Dependants. Do you have dependent children? If so making sure that you provide them with enough money to continue to live adequately and ensuring your partner can either stay at home to look after them or only work part time should also be considered. Life insurance can help
  • Your Business. If you are a company director or run your own business then ensuring that the business can continue as normal should you die is an important consideration. Ensuring that there is sufficient funds to pay off all outstanding business debts and recruit someone to replace you means that banks and creditors are reassured thus allowing the business to continue to function. Life insurance can help
  • Your Business Partners. If you die you might want to ensure that the remaining business partners and directors have sufficient funds to pay your dependents for your share of the business. Life insurance can help

Many people are pleasantly surprised when they find out that life insurance is not as expensive as they originally thought. You may also find that you already possess life cover either as part of your company benefits or alternatively as part of your existing and therefore do not need any additional cover. It is however very important to ensure that you do have life cover in place and we can help and advise you on the amount of cover you will require and also the best company to provide cover for you.

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