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A pension can be both simple and extremely complex at the same time. As pensions affect our future it is essential that pension planning takes place as early as possible and that advice from qualified experts is used in this pension planning process.
Most people understand the basic concept of a pension in that it is a savings fund that you accumulate, usually whilst you are working, and then use to provide a regular income when you retire
The majority of people will, at retirement, receive a state pension but even the full state pension is unlikely to adequately provide for their needs in retirement. It is both sensible and advisable, if not essential, to consider making additional pensions arrangements to cope with this potential shortfall in retirement income.

To be able to provide you with the best possible help and advice for your retirement provisions we need to fully understand your current situation regarding all previous arrangements as well as those currently in place.

This will enable us to see what, if any, shortfall exists between your retirement expectations and the projected return of your current pension arrangements and to offer advice on how best to overcome this expected shortfall and to provide the extra income to “top up” your current arrangements

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